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......@@ -73,3 +73,147 @@ Match the following countries with their corresponding capitals. {
=Japan -> Tokyo
=India -> New Delhi
// Common mistakes
monday, tuesday…
january, february…
Monday, Tuesday
January, February
always with a capital
always start with a capital like English, German, Spanish,…
always write with a capital letter
didn’t understood
didn’t understand
didn’t + infinitive
in English there is no -e at the end of the word Madam
I am writing you for ask
I am writing you to ask
For + noun (or gerund)
To + verb
3 persons
1 person, but 3 people
Persons (plural) is a very formal word. We only use it in rather legalistic contexts or in news reports. Use people in most ordinary contexts
People who has
people who have
people always take a plural verb
A sms
An sms
This is an abbreviation that starts with -E
We must not get up in the morning take the bus
we don’t have to get up early to take the bus.
You mustn’t do something = it is necessary that you do not do it
You don’t have to do it = you don’t need to do it, but you can if you want
I am looking forward to see you
I am looking forward to seeing you
The ‘to’ in look forward to is a preposition, so we must follow it by a noun phrase or a verb in the -ing form
Thank you for answer me fast
thank you for your prompt reply / thank you in advance
Listen it
listen to it
We use to after listen before an object
It can helps
it can help
after modal verbs, we use bare infinitive
The device who work
The solution who will work
the device which/that work
for objects we always use which or that
fast is both an adjective and an adverb
The blinds
the blind
The + adjective (without a noun) to talk about groups of people (e.g. the young, the old, the blind, the sick, the poor, the rich, the unemployed…)
Can not
This technology needs a money
this technology needs money
money is uncountable noun
programmes or
News are
new is
news takes a singular verb
We take a lot of retards
We have a lot of delays
to retard as a verb exists in English, but a noun a retard means ‘a stupid or mentally slow person’
We are been on lockdown for almost two weeks now because of Covid-19
we have been…
To loose time
To lose time
To loose (verb) – to speak or to express emotions freely;
loose (adj.) – not fastened;
to lose time
Hello Sir
Dear Prof. Pettiaux / Dear Mr Pettiaux
please do not start your emails with ‘’hello’’ when writing to your professors!
I suggest you to go to the doctor.
I suggest that you go to the doctor.
I suggested that you should go to the doctor.
I suggested going to the cinema.
We don’t use ‘suggest + indirect object + to-infinitive’
Technology improves our lifes
technology improves our life or
technology improves our lives
The plural of life is lives
We must to search
We must search
After modal verbs we use ‘bare infinitive’
For stay…
To stay
For + noun (or gerund)
To + verb
This mistakes
These mistakes
This + singular noun
These + plural noun
A option
An option
We are at home and is much better…
We are at home and it is much better…
its important to
It is important
It’s important
its is a possessive determiner
Nobody consume
Nobody consumes
Nobody + singular verb
\ No newline at end of file
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