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...@@ -17,3 +17,59 @@ What two people are entombed in Grant's tomb? { ...@@ -17,3 +17,59 @@ What two people are entombed in Grant's tomb? {
~%50%Grant ~%50%Grant
~%50%Grant's wife ~%50%Grant's wife
~%-50%Grant's father } ~%-50%Grant's father }
// English cai2
How do you write correctly the first day of the week ? {
// ===Multiple Choice===
Who's buried in Grant's tomb?{~Grant ~Jefferson =no one}
Grant is {~buried =entombed ~living} in Grant's tomb.
The American holiday of Thanksgiving is celebrated on the {
} Thursday of November.
Japanese characters originally came from what country? {
// ===Short Answer===
Who's buried in Grant's tomb?{=no one =nobody}
Two plus two equals {=four =4}.
// ===True-False===
Grant is buried in Grant's tomb.{F}
The sun rises in the east.{T}
// ===Numerical===
Matching Question. {
=subquestion1 -> subanswer1
=subquestion2 -> subanswer2
=subquestion3 -> subanswer3
Match the following countries with their corresponding capitals. {
=Canada -> Ottawa
=Italy -> Rome
=Japan -> Tokyo
=India -> New Delhi
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