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# Welcome to the CAI2 GitLab repository.
### In here you will find examples of questions and common mistakes to train for the end of the year exam.
- Common mistakes files (**)
- The common mistakes files are available under different extensions (txt, csv, odt, ods) so feel free to use the file format you prefer.
- As its name indicates, it **regroups common mistakes** students often make without realising.
- Please do **not modify** the content of these files, only teachers are allowed to.
- GIFT-examples.txt
- In this file, you will be able to see **examples of QCM questions** with their different types that *could* appear in the exam.
- Please do **not modify** the content of these files, only teachers are allowed to.
- exam-test-cai2-2020-june.txt
- This is the file *you can edit* but please make sure to modify it from the **top** and to add **your name + student id** such as:
// John Doe 53266
Your modification.
### File modification
- In order to modify a file, you need to send the administrators of the repository your GitLab id (left click on your profile picture on the top right side of the screen).
- Once added as a developer of the project, we will create your own *branch* where you will be able to push to.
- Select the branch with your id (see picture below).
![Branch image](
- Click on the file you wish to edit.
- Once you are done editing the file, please make sure that you are pushing on the right branch (as shown below).
![Modify image](
- **Careful**! If GitLab grants you to remove your branch, say no.
- You're done! Once an administrator sees your push, he will be able to merge your branch with the master branch for everyone to see your modifications.
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